Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts and Thinking with Genetics

It seems strange to me how and why thoughts that seem important come to mind. However they come during periods of uninterrupted time such as when running or when I drove my car alone and today when, after awakening from my usual welcome sleep I wondered how a geneticist would answer the question of an example of the inheritance of an acquired character. We know if a pregnant woman takes the drug, Thalidomide her baby may be born with serious physical defects. I have just listened to a video of a course in Genetics given by Bob Goldberg, a UCLA professor that was a remarkable experience.
In his course he tells how the thousands of genes determine everything that ends up as us or any other creature. So, can diet determine how animals can change from the expected to something different? Wouldn't that be an inherited character? Of course I write to so many experts about so many things I do not expect a reply but perhaps Dr. Goldberg is as different as is his course. As a lecturer I have never heard his equal and that goes for his subject as far as I am concerned. He announces in his first lecture that his course is unlike any given in UCLA and more important and I believe it. So, clearly the subject of damage to the fetus of a pregnant female by foods or food additives may be the greatest suggestion of this century- so far. It seems to me that perhaps all the problems of humans such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, MD, ALS, Autism and so many others may all be the result of chemicals that screw up the genetic pattern of normal embryonic people during pregnancy. I hope one day a geneticist of the caliber of Dr.Robert Goldberg will comment on such a wild statement. If you have such a wild thought don't keep it to yourself. Shake it out and dust it off and share it with others, even if you fear ridicule.

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