Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New group such as the Green Mountain State Foundation

Here is an idea I would like to share with VT readers. It seems to me there should be a way those of us who are not able to enter in the volunteerism desirable for the good of the State should have some way of indicating their approval of our great State. From childhood days when my father took me out of grade school for a week to learn about the maple syrup occupation in Fairlee in our state and as a youngster three of us friends climbed mountains in Vermont. Three hunters and fishermen had a joint venture of buying property and constructing a camp in Sutton in the Northeast Kingdom. (We called it Ticklenaked Lodge) Dorothy and I found a perfect second home in Whitingham, a little over 2 hours drive from our home in Orange, CT. So, I would like to give back in recognizing the past and present pleasures of Vermont. I am in the process of suggesting to our new Governor, Shulman that a nonpolitical agency be established perhaps called, "The Green Mountain Foundation" in which others who feel the way I do can contribute financially perhaps funds earmarked for special use. I am attempting to obtain a copy of the legal structure of just such a group as one I was affiliated with over the years in Conn. I shall report on the response I receive from Governor Shulman. In the meantime I would appreciate comments from others interested.

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