Monday, August 2, 2010

Control Corporations

When Abraham Lincoln stated that with the advent of the corporations will be the end of the Republic, it would seem he was right on the mark and that was in the 1860s. It is obvious that more than half of our legislators in Washington have been bought and paid for by corporations. Even knowing that the boards of directors of most corporations know that they are bleeding the Republic to death they will continue their nefarious activities. I am no political scientist but it seems to me there could be an out not only for the Republic but for the corporations, too. I urge others to take up the results of passing legislation permitting boards of directors of all corporations to be able to be sued for "corporate" miss deeds. Thus if a board member in authority hires a dishonest person who, for example fudges scientific reports to have a drug approved that is found to cause deaths of innocent people, the board should be responsible. When, more than a few years ago a chap named Socrates asked his friend, "If you knew that you would never be found out would you cheat?" His friend said he would have to think about it and gave no answer. We all must admit that perhaps most and maybe all humans are guilty of cheating if circumstances suggest the chance of being discovered is in their favor. Most of our laws are necessary to keep people honest. There are males who will tell a female she is pretty even if she looks like a truck. To one who says, "Get the government off our backs." We should say, "You bastard, you get off our backs. It's my government you are talking about." Corporations have to be controlled. Board members of corporations pay lobbyists to do what the board member would never do himself. It seems imperative that we somehow get the corporations off our governments back.

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  1. You go George!
    "It seems imperative that we somehow get the corporations off our governments back"
    So true but I think they are busy scratching each others' backs and may not want to stop.