Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Runers Run, Why Non-runners Don't Run

After reading about why runners run and after asking countless runners that question I have at last surmised the actual answer. The usual answer after moments of considering the question is usually either, "because it makes me feel so great" or "To keep in shape" or all sorts of variations including thoughts such as, "It gets me out of my house." Considering the hesitancy in answering and the variety of answers I think even runners do not know the answer. I'll get to the answer shortly. With the obvious fact that all strains of humans and in all cultures are hard wired to run and must have required running for survival before leaving the African Savannah to populate the earth perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago. Aside from the interesting question as to why all have the ability, developed or not, it is inherited as are such things as fear, pain, the ability to bond, to think, to walk upright, for better health as well as longer life are reasons to name a few.

Science does not seem to accept the obvious fact of inherited running perhaps because even scientists may not like the idea of the necessity of exercise for the healthy human so they may not like the idea that all humans also inherit the desire to run. It was estimated by the USATF that in 2007 there were at least 30 million runners in our country who run at least once a week. If they have inherited the desire to run why not all those who do not run? The answer lies in the fact that we are inundated by work saving devices and work has acquired a bad name. "It sounds like work to me" is common and the labor saving devices that save time and are an important part of the good lives we lead all form a barrier to the exercise that running is.

Sigmund Freud suggested the sub conscience ability of our brains and it is my thesis that the sub conscience desire to run is also inherited. That would answer why 30 million run in spite of the fact that running is one of the most intense exercise we humans can indulge in. In spite of the electric tooth brush culture we live in, the over 30 million do run for good reason. Please, friends and all others, tell me how my reasoning is faulty since it is a new idea. With love, George

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