Thursday, June 24, 2010

wind energy for the average citizen

Perhaps it is our location on a hill that wind is often noticeable. Is wind in the news only to sell large wind generators? When I have tire trouble I note the wrenches used to remove the lugs on the wheel are powered by air pressure. Could our wasted wind be of use in pumping air pressure to be stored until needed? Here is another "What if" consideration. Could air pressure be used to power the tools in a home machine shop and to operate the compressor in my refrigerator? or a central vacuum? I do know that it takes little pressure to pump up a tire- even a car tire that I have hand pumped in days gone by so the question is presented, would it be possible to use a residential wind turbine to pump up the air in a tank or tanks to be used at a later date? It makes sense to me. The tank or tanks needed for the energy required could be figured and a device with blades that the wind turns might be a foot and a half in diameter and placed on a garage or house roof. If the cars of the future are electric or even partially electric, couldn't the wind charge batteries? Even trickle charging that requires longer periods of charging would be acceptable for reserved batteries. One major problem is the storage of energy for future use and the wind should not be over looked as a source not only for a major source with huge wind machines but also for small machines for small amounts for comparatively small needs. Of course that stationary bicycle in the basement could be wired to a battery charger, too.

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