Sunday, April 11, 2010

Has our Army Changed?

Over the past months I have learned that the Army has virtually no more M P s. No more Military Police? Oh we still have them but not in U S uniforms. In this progressive period of history we are told by many that to privatize is the future of success in all endeavors, so we now hire private gun carrying individuals to handle the police work our Army used to do. Fortunately we tax payers do not pay these hired guns because they are paid by the companies they work for. These hired guns are paid three and four times as much as we pay our soldiers. Since the companies are paying their soldiers, it is no doubt a tax deductible item. Come to think of it we tax payers pay the corporations so I guess we do pay the bill.I read a figure of tens of thousands of these special forces. Another advancement in our Army is the companies taking over the duties of the Quartermaster Corps and for feeding the troops there is no longer KP duty because instead peeling potatoes etc. the food is no longer provided by our Army but it is all catered. I presume the officers have a menu to select proper choices for proper officers. The new recruits have never heard of K rations and no longer will the troops have Spam to criticize when and if they return home. There is something awfully wrong with that situation and nobody asked my opinion of all the changes that have been made and I doubt that the Army High Command was asked either. Some garues who want to privatize everything have crammed it down the Army's throat. We all should consider President Lincoln's statement about the advent of corporations being the end of the Republic.

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