Saturday, January 7, 2012

Climate Warming

We hear a lot about the causes of climate warming but little about what goes into the causes other than the burning of fossil fuels and the excess carbon dioxide accumulating between our earth and the sun. I have heard nothing about the actual excess warming caused by the extensive black topping of so much highway expance and house roofs. The figure of almost 50 acres of highway surface for each mile of road is mentioned and think of the heat with summer sun absorbed with sunshine that is released when the sun sets that would not be present without the ever expanding highways of every developed country. Consider the heat from each vehicles exhaust system as well as the fumes. Think also of summer heat in cities and of those who go to the country to escape at least some of it. The cities are virtually covered with black topped houses and roads all absorbing heat while the sun shines that would not be present from natural wildlife. So when you give it a little thought there is no way we can exist as we do without affecting an increase of man made elevation of heat.

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