Thursday, June 16, 2011

Corruption in Congress

How many readers agree with me that among our Senators and Representatives in Washington, DC there is like a rat's nest of corruption? Am I wrong or wouldn't you have to be deaf and blind not to be aware of the corruption? If we permit it to continue without an attempt to correct it aren't we in effect telling our youth that dishonesty is acceptable?
I do a lot of reading and viewing of free University videos and note that in England in the 1800s Their Parliament was apparently as corrupt as our Congress is now. It was agreed there was nothing that could be done as the majority of members were guilty but a small group decided to put a bill in Parliament to correct the problem that everyone assumed had no chance of passing. Strangely the bill got 60 votes. The numbers were so unexpected another similar bill passed Parliament and the corruption was corrected.
In my reading and viewing I constantly read about the bind we are in in our economy. That theme is repeated until most publications have nothing to offer as an attempt to solve the problem.
Someone must suggest a plan of action and after thinking about it here is an obvious plan that, if it could stand a possibility of success requires you the reader to join in the effort. It is an obvious approach that requires those who want to do something about it to join together in a "Peoples movement" to be successful. There should be no cost for any one to join and to join all that is necessary is to write something and after your name place the letters,"AK." Like those professionals who advertise with all sorts of letters. AK stands for "Ass Kickers."
So I am not pleading with anyone , I am merely attempting to offer a gathering point for you to join others in ass kicking Congress to pass legislation to take the corporations out of the people's, and that is our Government. If you join you are telling everyone you want the Congress to clean house and pass legislation. That is all and if I am wrong so be it and nothing will come of this effort. But if I am right You and I will accomplish what our Legislators know should be done but are sitting on their hands. Who am I to attempt to do something about the corruption? I am George Whitney AK.
P.S. Some friends and relatives think the AK is inappropriate for some of the public so I have established SUABC- stand up and be counted as with the author's thinking of the attitude in the youth of the United States not wanting to inherit the Corporation control of our Government as it exists today

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  1. I'm amazed at the ability to predict the party of any people in the government by just looking at them on TV. So hateful.I don't understand the position of the TeaParty either. Perhaps they aren't listening.this can't be the government of the people, for the people and by the people. We must go back to the point where the supreme court gave to the corporations the status of a citizen, by law.