Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sucklings

Yesterday the outstanding Senator from my State of Vermont spoke for 8 hours in the U. S. Senate on behalf of We the People. Senator Bernie Sanders pointed out the efforts to increase the incomes of people so wealthy and so few it is unlikely any average citizen will ever see one in person ever in our lives other than in the media. Please listen and watch Senator Sanders on your computer. The super wealthy are people who acquired fortunes that never would have been possible were they not citizens of our country. These super rich should appreciate their country to the extent that half of the money they own when alive should, after their deaths go to their country. I call it patriotism. Some of us go to war and are killed for patriotism but never the super rich. Some of the super rich have made fortunes from profits from war efforts.

Have you heard of any of the wealthy requesting tax brakes? Of course not. Can you imagine Bill Gates asking for tax brakes? Who then are asking for tax brakes for the wealthy? It is the sucklings of the super rich, conservative Republicans. Fat cat Republicans who have made it in wealth themselves who don't give a dam for either their country or the people in it. Unfortunately the people voted against bad times in the last election and no way did they vote in favor of the no, no, no leaches. It appears that among the lobbyists must be included most Republicans bought and paid for by those who want corporations to run our government and not our government. When they say, "get the government off our backs" they are saying clear the way for profit making corporations to run everything. It was Abraham Lincoln who said so many years ago, "With the advent of the corporation will be the end of the Republic."

I believe a wise man who sees the problems has been chosen by we the people to attempt to do something about it. We must all back President Obama and his efforts or the final struggles of our great Democracy will be ended. We should consider the fact that there are over one hundred thousand hired guns, armed and employed by our army to do what the army should be doing who are available to those who can pay for their services. We are at a cross roads and the choices are limited but the road taken soon will determine the life of the Republic. Get mad and get active or bury your head in the sand.

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  1. The wisdom and truth that you speak should rings bells and make people think of this country and how to keep it strong and safe,not sell it short to make a quick buck.People should be held to a higher standard and made accountable for there actions rather than buy there way out and step on the little guy.I am part of the so called little guy and I paid the price to learn that common sense will keep you out of trouble and harms way...Thank You George for your wisdom....Rick